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Editorial Design

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Project: Editorial Design
Topic:  W magazine
Year:  2020

Idea and Concept

W magazine's name comes from the 4W: who, what, why, and where. It is a lifestyle magazine. The magazine voices some situations during this pandemic from the opposite perspective, such as animals, humans, and objects. Decorating the magazine with squares shows that even if you are stuck at home, it cannot limit your thinking.

Human stays at home and animal activities outside, how was the environment became? Is an animal still face harm from a human?


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Has the housewife's life changed during quarantine? No matter quarantine or a typical day, they are still staying at home. Are there any jobs that do not have work at home during quarantine? Has their life or working style changed?

How the pandemic changed the way food is bought and made for a family? Is the food served differently in a restaurant? 

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We never care about what gets more and less in life. However, during quarantine, we always pay attention to the increase and decrease of conrmations. Let start to discover the things around us of growth and decrease.


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Digital Poster_Tan Hui Wen_1805052_2.gif
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