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About me


Nice to meet you! I'm Hui Wen.

I'm originally from Muar a historic town in Johor, but now I am studying graphic design at The One Academy. It is nice to turn my hobbies into what I will work for in my future.  

In my small hometown, design is not a really important job there. Elder will advise you not to study design because that is not a job which can earn a lot of money.

However, this could not stop me from being a designer. I think a beautiful and functional design will help to promote Malaysia to others, it will change people's perspectives too.

I started doing my freelance design job in March 2020. Most of the work I have done is for those who want to rebrand their company or starting a new business. It is good to have experience in solving the problem of clients when they do not know what they really want. During these experiences, I  earn knowledge when cooperating with different clients and printing shops. 


For illustration, people, characters design, the building, and animal is what I draw the most. Also, I  have started to sell my own product ' Snackid'.

My dream is to own a stationery shop that all product is designing by me and other designers. One day, I could help the newborn designers to achieve their dream too.


The reason why I am passionate about design is that since I was a child, I like to make cards for my family and friends, and I have continued it till now. I feel happy when people appreciate my design when received it. I started to do a lot of design work in secondary school and finally think that I should go with this subject because this is what I love to do and I will never feel tired when doing it.


Also, I encourage by my twin sister because they both want to study this subject, but they didn't have the courage to choose at that time. I also thank my secondary art teacher who always encourages me.

What I Love

I like to promote local culture and Malaysia because it inspired by my secondary art teacher who likes to draw the historical building and the culture of Malaysia. I feel very proud to promote Malaysia and want to produce more creative work for it because it is a unique country with a lot of different cultures. I like to transform the traditional into new and different things. Let the new generation have the interest to know more about the traditional culture.

client cartoon-01.png




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It has been a pleasure working with Hui Wen. She is highly responsive and comes up with quick designs, which helps the overall pace of the project. 

She is very pleasant, flexible, and accommodating and has the ability to apply her graphic design knowledge and talent to real-life scenarios.

She is good at drawing by using Adobe Illustrator. Also, she did her job on time. For me, she is an A+ friend and teammate!




She is a friendly designer and a good listener. Before starting the work, she will first understand the company's background. She will also give the idea to help me solve the problem.


Asia Student Packaging Competition 2020

Kancil Award 2020

The most hardworking award

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