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Editorial Design

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Project: 16-page Publication                                                          Topic: Taboos during Hungry Ghost Festival                                                                             Year: 2019
What the book about?
The publication is about the taboos during the Hungry Ghost Festival. In Chinese Culture, Ghost Festival is a traditional festival celebrated by Buddist and Taoists in certain Asian countries. The book is designed with bilingual language which is Chinese and English.
inside page.jpg
Design Concept
The design concept of this publication is based on the x- cross icon which means the things that we could not do during the Ghost Festival. Thus, the entire book has a line or x-cross design.
inside page 2.jpg
Colour Usage
The entire book does not have any photo, all the visual is illustrations. The book only uses 3 colour which is red, black, and white. The reason for using red is that red is always used on signs to have a warning or attention purpose. Some of the taboos have serious consequences such as death or bleeding so it is connected to red too. In Chinese culture, black symbolizes evil, and white is the colour that is worn at a funeral so these colours are related to death.
A set of postcards will be the additional promotion gift for the publication.
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