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Design Entrepreneur

Project Name: Snackid                                                                                                         Year: 2020
Idea and Concept
The idea of this project came out is because I think eating is the happiest moment. To spread happiness, the most memorable foods in my memories are childhood snacks. I believe everyone will have their own favorite snacks and the memories of it.  I hope to remind you to not forget the initial happiness as a kid when you growing up by personification the snacks. The reason for design the characters is because the snacks will always accompany us to forget the negative feeling just like a best friend who always be our side.
Characters Introduction
Do you remember the milk candy covered with rice paper? It will always stick to your teeth, but it tastes good. Rabbit is the representative of the candy, so I designed my character with rabbit ears. During childhood, we will always share this candy with each other. Hope it can remind you of the joy of sharing.
Steamed Bun.png
Do you remember the little biscuits that melt in your mouth? I really like to eat it because there is no need to bite, and when it melts, I think it is amazing. I designed biscuits by using bun shapes for hair and face. I hope it can let you discover again the interesting things in your daily life.
In childhood, you will definitely try to place the seaweed on your faces and teeth with your family or friends. It will be a very fun moment at that time. Hence, I design my character who had seaweed on his teeth to make a funny appearance. Therefore, I hope that my characters can also make you happy.
This is also the biscuit that will found in the old biscuit tin. How do you eat this biscuit? I will eat the topping first then eating the biscuit. I transform the icing to a hairstyle of the characters and the shape of the biscuit as the head of it. Hope it reminds you of your own habit of eating this biscuit during childhood.
ice cream.png
In Malaysia, the weather is very hot. You must have encountered the problem of ice cream melting faster than eating or accidentally falling to the floor. My ice cream design is based on this concept and designed it as melted ice cream. Let this character accompany you to feel happy in every hot moment.
Mamee is the representative snack in Malaysia. Do you prefer to eat in small or in whole pieces? I designed the character with curly hair which looks like the Mamee. It becomes a very unique and humorous appearance. Hope it will remind you of the joy of eating it.
Do you remember this biscuit that stores in an old biscuit tin? My flying fish biscuit design is based on the unique fish shape of the biscuit. Have you ever playing with this biscuit during childhood? Hope the character could remind you of the joyful moment.
The packaging of the snack is very unique. It is like a pair of glasses, so in childhood, we would wear them and pretend to be a singer. Thus, I design it as a rapper with eyeglasses. Hope it reminds you of your dream during childhood.
How do you eat mini burgers? Eat layer by layer or eat together? Mini burgers look like real burgers, which reminds me of the layer of fat. Therefore, I designed a mini burger as sumo so that it not only reminds you of snacks but also protects you and makes you feel warm.
Do you remember that when you eat a lollipop, the color will stain on your tongue? Which flavor do you like the most? I designed characters with colorful tongues and dyed hair to represent different flavors of lollipops. I really enjoy the process of eating lollipops. I hope can remind you of the feeling at that time too.
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